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Community Based Sanitation (Sanimas) is a program to improve the quality of the environment in the field of sanitation which is intended for densely populated areas by implementing community empowerment. Starting from the planning stage to maintenance. The importance of sanitation management has become a fundamental need for the community. To maintain the residential and rural environment requires well-organized sanitation.

An important component in SANIMAS is sanitary hole cover. The hole cover or usually called mahole cover can be made of concrete (cast cement) or from cast iron. Manhole or hole cover made of steel is able to withstand various loads including the load of vehicles passing through it. Our Manhole cover for sanitation programs is very strong, and will not be bent. Unlike the cover of cast cement that is not strong and can be broken or damaged. On the other hand, manhole cover is more practical in use and easy to disassemble. We cannot find this in the cement cast hole cover.

Sanimas Manhole Cover made by Dwi logam jaya is one of the hole covers that are suitable for SLBM or SPBM projects in your area. We produce manhole covers from quality materials, the best cast iron with the latest technology melting system. Not only that, we fully provide custom manhole cover services where you can choose the thickness, size, and design of the desired manhole cover.

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