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Dwi Logam Jaya (Jawa Tengah, Indonesia)

CV. Dwi Logam Jaya is a manufacturing company that produces all kinds of casting and metal processing. Products from us are already used by some individual customers or for distributors of engineering shop shops and factories across the island in Indonesia. Product development is always attended by CV. DWI LOGAM JAYA Lutfi Arslan Dwiyanto, SH. which is assisted by all staff and CV technicians. Dwi Logam Jaya to be able to meet the needs of consumers. Good quality product with low price is our priority to be given to the consumer so that according to our company motto "YOUR POWER, IS OUR GOAL".
Why choose product or product CV. Dwi Logam Jaya?
• Experienced more than decades in producing metal casting products.
• Product CV. Dwi Logam Jaya made of cast quality choice and always controlled.
• Already sold thousands of metal casting products.
• Has 2 metal foundry / smelting furnaces (dome and induction systems)
• Has more than 30 lathe lathes
• Have experts in every division, ranging from liquid metal division to stage finishing stage so the quality is always maintained.
• Customers can order products from metal models according to customer needs and desires of both model, design and specification (customize).
• Before delivery, we always do quality control to fit customer demand.
Oriented to customer satisfaction


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